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School engagement predicts success. Are you asking the questions?

Ask the right questions

The Engaged.school platform empowers meaningful connection between teachers and students. Students log into our secure platform and provide answers to a set of questions that have been shown to foster more meaningful engagement between a student and their advisor. Advisors then review the student responses and have followup conversations with each student. This is not "just another" climate survey.

Ask the right questions

It's about the student

Climate surveys measure the quality of a school, and the sentiment of student and teacher populations. While they are an important tool for understanding a school's performance, they have one critical flaw:

What happens when you ask a teenager a question, and then don't respond to their answer?

Because the Engaged.school solution is not anonymous, advisors can respond directly to the students they work with. They can have meaningful conversations with students over time as well as help the student plan and track progress toward improvement. They are able to coach the student directly. Approximately 90% of students responding to the Engagement survey indicate that they provided the same answers that they would had the survey been anonymous.

It streamlines the conversation

Teachers and Students today are busier than ever, and there is a sprawl of software solutions they have to work with. The Engaged.school solution is efficient. Students receive a link, log in with their Google for Schools single sign on credentials and complete the survey in approximately 20 minutes. The survey is typically completed during an advisory period at school, but the student can complete it anywhere, at anytime, on any device, including their phone.

Advisors log in and can look at each students responses, and identify students who have not yet responded. They can quickly track areas where they want to dive deeper with the student, and if necessary reach out to school counselors or administrators for support.

School administrators and counselors can look across the student body, to understand themes and to dive deep to work with student data in the Engaged.school secure online platform.

It builds on strengths

The survey instruments we use to engage with students are based on measuring and growing protective factors in youth. They focus on connection with adults and school administration, supportive peer groups, engagement in extracurricular and volunteer activities and more. The Engaged.school team is focused on how to best build strengths in youth.

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